The Church of the Holy Trinity, Algiers

Eglise Anglicane Episcopale de la Sainte Trinité

كنيسة الثالوث الأقدس الأسقفية الأنجليكانية

In the Episcopal Area of North Africa
within the Diocese of Egypt with North Africa and the Horn of Africa

Some History...

The Church of the Holy Trinity

Anglican churches in North Africa date from the presence in the region of European traders and diplomats, and then missionaries. They have remained faithful focuses for the celebration of Christian faith in each of Libya, Tunisia and Algeria after the dominant European presence in the region diminished and disappeared.

The first Anglican Church in Algiers was consecrated in 1870, built on land given by the French Colonial Government. There was only a tiny British community resident in Algiers at that time, but the numbers swelled during the winter when many British people moved temporarily to Algiers for health reasons.

Bishop William CollinsIn about 1906, the French Colonial Government required the land back for the construction of a central post office and offered “in compensation” a new site in a different part of town; which is the present church was built. The Church of the Holy Trinity in Algiers was consecrated in 1908 by the Bishop of Gibraltar, the Right Reverend William Collins.

Today the Anglican churches in Tripoli, Libya, in Tunis, Tunisia and here in Algiers often provide the only Protestant services in English or in one of the major Indian languages. We also enjoy healthy ecumenical relations with Orthodox, Roman Catholic and more independent Protestant traditions.

Some members of our congregation today

Bishop Bill Musk and Revd Hamdy Daoud

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