The Church of the Holy Trinity, Algiers

Eglise Anglicane Episcopale de la Sainte Trinité

كنيسة الثالوث الأقدس الأسقفية الأنجليكانية

In the Episcopal Area of North Africa
within the Diocese of Egypt with North Africa and the Horn of Africa

Our Chaplains...

The Anglican church in Algiers has been richly blessed over the years by the many clergy who have served here. Should you feel any corrections are necessary please email us.



Bishop Mouneer Anis

The Most Reverend
Dr Mouneer Hanna Anis

Bishop of Egypt with North Africa and the Horn of Africa and
President Bishop of the
Episcopal Church in Jerusalem
and the Middle East

Bishop Bill Musk

The Right Reverend
Dr Bill Musk

Area Bishop for North Africa
Rector of St George's, Tunis

Reverend Hamdy Daoud

The Reverend
Hamdy Sedek Daoud

Priest in Charge

1870-1875 J B Ginsburg
1875-1888 H A Boys
1888-1889 A B Sayce
1889-1891 H B Freeman
1891-1894 L l Wynne Jones
1894-1895 W H Tribe
1895-1896 R C Cordiner
1896-1897 G Clowes
1897-1898 J H Le B Girdlestone
1898-1899 T I Cooper
1899-1903 A B Curran
1903-1905 A E Carey
1905-1909 H C Muriel
1909-1912 Rev A P Cronyn
1912-1913 J H T Holman
1913-1914 R H Pring
1914-1915 E W P Keeling
1915-1916 A H Hildesley
1916-1917 H M Shuttleworth
1917-1918 W H Waller
1918-1919 M V Heber-Percy
1919-1923 H Hedley
1923-1924 F G Coy
1924-1925 F F S Williams
1925-1935 L G P Fry
1935-1936 Rev O D Lockhart
1936-1949 Rev H W Cummin MBE
1949-1952 Rev J M Roe
1953-1955 Rev J W Dunbar
1960-1965 Rev J Lee-Warner
1966-1968 Church Closed
1969-1971 Rev E Roulet
1972-1973 Rev Canon H Parry
1973-1974 Rev L Geddes
1974-1982 Rev G J S Btittenden
1982-1984 Rev Jah Pollard
1985-1986 Rev S Sims
1989-1994 Rev Canon Derek H Elton
Oct 2003-Nov 2004 Rev Canon Jim Doust
Nov 2004-Jun 2005 Rev Mei Brown & Rev Julian Brown
Jul 2005-Mar 2009 * Rev Augustine Rolenda
Summer 2010-Jan 2011 * Rev Jan Jensen
Nov 2012 to date Rev Hamdy Daoud

There was no Anglican ministry in Algiers during the period 1990-2000 due to terrorist activity. A full time Anglican presence was reintroduced in October 2003 although Anglican ministry was conducted by ecumenical African students during various clergy absences between 2008 and 2012